The Altes


The capital of Switzerland, apart from being a modest medieval gem, is full of culinary surprises. Some of the best restaurants in the country call the canton of Bern home and serve everything from traditional Swiss dishes to Italian fare that is a lot like a warm hug from your grandmother. There are innumerable cosy wine bars, several interesting concept eateries and a large number of cafes where you can read in the company of the perfect cuppa. Gastronomists tend to fall in love with this historic city for a reason.

Take a break from museums, clock towers, zoos and parks and dedicate a day to comforting, inviting and delectable food. To help you visit only the crème de la crème of restaurants, we have drawn up a list of the top ten names in Bern. May the flavours be ever in your favour.

Altes Tramdepot

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With fascinating views of the spires of Bern and the Aare River, Altes Tramdepot is a charming eatery that dishes out delectable Swiss and German food. The rosti served here is heart-warming, the sausages are perfectly cooked and the pretzels are massive. Washing these treats down with large mugs of beer is almost like a tradition and both locals and travellers flock to this brewery for an afternoon of sheer indulgence. Having been around for almost 15 years, Tramdepot brews its own beer and boasts of dozens of varieties. As far as the ambience is concerned, the outdoor seating, with comfortable wooden chairs and tables, will only amplify your dining experience, especially during the summer season. The service is fast and impressive and the prices are slightly on the higher side, perhaps owing to the popularity of this place.Because of its proximity to Bern’s iconic UNESCO World Heritage listed Barengraben (Bear Pit), Altes Tramdepot attracts a lot of crowds and reserving a table in advance is therefore essential. You could even reserve the entire restaurant for a private event. Despite the omnipresence of meat, there are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options on the menu.